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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Webtoon: One Last God: Kubera; Leez x Yuta

Leez & Yuta at the beginning

Older Yuta x Leez 

Cute Leez x Yuta Moments! :

When They First Met

Lolz. Yuta ates alls the fooodz

Cutest Moment so far!

Oh Mi Gosh ! Yuta You Are Just Too CUTE!!!

Yuta is hugging Leez this time and not the other way around !!! (Even though it's to stop her from falling but still !!!!!)

Has to be the Cutest Couple ever!!!!

Ahh, anything but cotton candy! lol
Phew, cotton candy is gone

Funny expressions/moments


Under a Tree



Yuta x Leez

Badass Leez x Yuta
If they were on a date. Lol



<3 Smooch <3

Omg, This scene. T__T  My heart cries out for them. 

<3 Omigosh... Omigosh!!!! 2nd Smooch!!!!! >_____< *Kyaaaaaa* <3

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  1. Keep it up! I love leez x yuta!!!! The are so adorable together!! Just a question, when did the story show a picture of future leez and yuta together like the one above? What chapter?

    1. Thank you so much!! I totally agree, they are so adorable together!! The picture of them together doesn't appear in the story, it was merged from two separate chapters (Leez Vol1 Chp34)(Yuta Vol1 Chp61). In other words, I used paint and merged them together and re-coloured some parts to make it look like they are together (I'm a sucker for romance). Took me ages to do! But so worth it :-)

  2. Keep up with these awesome updates!
    So cute!!! Yuta and Leez forever

    1. Thank You!! I'm glad you like them. Yeh, Yuta x Leez!

  3. You should have add his 3rd stage look and the kissing scene!(even though ch. 100 is heartbreaking T_T)

    Because Yuta is so gorgeous, yandere, and hot <3

    1. Hahah, okies, I will do that ^__^ And yip, So true about Yuta!!! <3

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