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Thursday, 25 April 2013

God Of High School

Ah ha ha ! So funny!! GoH is amazing! There are a lot of super power ups though.

Jin Mo Ri & Han Dae Wi

Beaten up and still Hawt. >.<

Park Il Pyo & Jin Mo Ri

Raws link >> Comic Naver GoH
Batoto link >> GoH

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Tapastic: visual stories (mob app)

I'm currently following these stories so far on Tapastic. So awesome! The artwork is so good to. :-)
Link Here >>> Tapastic Home

Gangsta And Paradise

Visual Story found here: Gangsta & Paradise

H-J Story

Visual Story: H-J Story

Visual Story: The Gamercat
Check out the website: Gamercat

Fisheye Placebo
Visual Story: Fisheye Placebo
Check Out The Gallery: YuumeiGallery

Friday, 19 April 2013

Anime: Natsuyuki Rendezvous

Hazuki Ryousuke Kyaa! So much better with Glasses !! >.<
This anime is so funny and emotional at the same time ! ! !

Normal Look
With Glasses
With Glasses and Short Hair!!! >.<

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Anime: Psycho Pass

(Rated Mature)
Watch Here Eng Subs: Anime Waffles (Works with mobile phones, at least it works on mines lol)
Wow! This anime is good. There are some brutal scenes in it though, so don't watch this if you don't like scenes like that. But apart from that, the characters are good. And I like the main female character because she isn't ditsy or the opposite - being too strong ! Plus the seiyuus in this. Kyaa! >.< ! Lol.

Psycho Pass
The ending theme 1 is just amazing by: EGOIST
Song title: Namae No Nai Kaibutsu 

Friday, 12 April 2013

Anime Wallpaper

I made some minor changes to these wallpapers. Hope it isn't too bad. Some looks HD (ish)? lol. The Original images can be found in the links below the pictures.

Neko Wallpaper
The original can be found here: Neko Moon

Moon Background
Original: Night Moon

Couple under the Night Sky
Original: Night Sky

Rain Wallpaper

Original: Rain

Forest Wallpaper
Original: Forest

Night Sky

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Anime: Nodame Cantabile

The classical music in this are so nice! So funny in some parts!! And finally!! Kyaaaa!!!

Chiaki Shinichi x Noda Megumi

Nodame x Chiaki

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Anime: Blood Lad

Ehhhh!? There is an Anime coming out for Blood Lad!!?? In July? ? :-O *Squeals* Excited!!!!

Blood Lad

Trailer Can be found here: Blood Lad

EDIT: Eng Sub for Blood Lad is out!!! It's out!!! Excited!!!!

Episode 1:

Charlie Staz Blood

Episode 4:
Sushi Rules!! Totally Agree!!

Episode 5:
Ehhhh!!! They can't just end the episode like that!!!!?? Noooo!! His powers seems awesomely strong!!

Episode 6:
Ahahahaha!! Awesomely strong powers = DBZ type ! So funny!!! 

Staz attempt at Kame Hame Ha !!! LMAO!!

Lmao at Fuyumi reaction to seeing the attempt move from Staz !!

Monday, 8 April 2013

Anime: Amnesia

Finally Got round to watching Amnesia. I'm sooo confused T.T I don't think it's that bad though, because i'm Currently on Episode 7, so i'm not giving up on it!! Found this one part to be funny though! :

With Regards to Male-Female communication in dating,
I had heard that this sort of act is especially effective.
~ Kent

Kent And Heroine
Ok, I'm glad I stuck this out to the end!!! Not that confused anymore!! :-D Amnesia was ok for me. 

Tower of God (ToG): Hatsu

Uwahhh... Hatsu !! >.< Kyaa!

Hatsu Season 1

Hatsu! Season 2 !!


LOL'd at Laure!! Hatsu has to carry him a lot! No time to sit down lol.

First appearance of Hatsu carrying Laure

No time to sit and watch TV
The game begins! Time to fight! Laure is still sleeping! >.<
Hatsu, so kool! >.< Plus Hatsu is not carrying Laure anymore!?

Original Raws Tower Of God: Comic Naver

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Anime: Bakuman Series Finale


Bakuman Anime series is finished! >.< Such a great Anime!! Will miss this!

Dreams do not come true because of someone telling you so,
You have to make your own Dreams come true.

-Mashiro Moritaka


Short Shoujo Manga Scenes.

~~ Mishounen Produce

Yagami Kousei x Kahara Kako

~~ Yamada Daisy: Boyfriend

Hijiki x Hourai

~~ Trance Knights (Discontinued Manga)

Gwaine x Ley Langridge

~~ AAA

Hayato x Aoi
~~ Kokuhaku Kurabu
Yuki x Arata
~~ Boku Kara Kimi Ga Kienai

Kousuke x Hotaru

~~ Shinigamihime No Saikon

Alicia x Kashburn

~~ Bakusou!! Love Attack

Wakana x Keisho

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Abbreviations: Romantic Style!

Sometimes, it is just better to type the full word to avoid misunderstanding. : - D


Friday, 5 April 2013

Uta No Prince Sama Season 2 !!!

Yey!! Season two is out!!! :-) Excited!!!

Maji Love 2000%
Episode 1:
Great opening ep to season two of Uta no prince :-) And LOL'd at usually cool Ichinose in the background !

Natsuki ! So funny!

Episode 2:
OMG! So cheeesy! Yet so funny. Had a big grin on my face the whole way through this ep!

Ah ha ha, Everyone is shocked at Cecil

Lol !!
Episode 3:

LOL ! Poor Syo >.<!! Gambatte!!
Episode 4:
Hahaha!! Tokiya is annoyed! Poor Masato! 

Masato & Tokiya
Episode 5:

Kawaii !!

Episode 7:

Lol @ Haruka !

Episode 9:
YEY! Cecil has joined the group!!! >.<

Starish !!
Episode 10:
Wow!!! The Scenery is so nice!!!!!!!!

Uta No Prince Sama

Episode 11:
OMG! Super *Fan-girl mode* Squeals!!  Ichinose = Hawt!!!!!!!!

*Nose bleeds~~~*

This episode was so cute.

Episode 12:
Kyaaaaaa!! >.<
Kurosaki Ranmaru

Their song was so good!!!
Group Heavens

Ono Daisuke is the Seiyuu of Sumeragi Kira!!!!

Episode 13:
Aww the last ep in Season 2. >.<
Cheesy all the way through to the end ! ! <3