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A special thanks to all the Authors, Translators, etc out there cause Mangas are amazing!


Skip Beat (ongoing)
 -Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Show-Biz, Shoujo
 There is also a Taiwanese live action drama of this. 
 It is quite good, but have to keep an open mind if watching it after reading Manga and watching the Anime.

Fuwa Shoutarou, Mogami Kyouko, Tsuruga Ren

Vampire Knight (completed)
 -Genre: Drama, Elite Student, Romance, School, Shoujo, Supernatural, Vampire
I started reading this before the whole vampire craze started, so i am still liking this manga :-) 

Kuran Kaname, Cross Yuuki, Kiryuu Zero

-Genre: Comedy, Gender-Bender, Romance, School-Life, Shoujo

Aoi x Hayato & Gang

Alice 19th (completed)
 -Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance, School-life, Shoujo, Supernatural

Seno Alice x Wakamiya Kyo

Angel Densetsu(completed)
-Genre: Action, Comedy, Martial Arts, Romance, School-Life, Shounen
So so funny!!! The art took me a while to get used to but so funny.

Angel Densetsu

Ashita No Ousama (completed)
-Genre: Comedy, Drama, Josei, Romance, Slice Of Life
The art again took me a while to get used to but the story line is actually good. 

Ashita No Ousama

Ayahatori Shoukanjou (completed)
 -Genre: Comedy, Drama, Historical, Love-Traingle, Romance, Shoujo
The art is so pretty!!!! <3 The story is not too bad. Ending seemed rushed but again, the art is so pretty!!
Satomi & Ono & Sakuranomiya & Tatsuma

Azumanga Daioh(completed)
-Genre: Comedy, School-life, Slice of Life
It is like random mini comic strips but the story does flow. It is really good and quite short to read. The ending is nice as well. Funny random moments and cute too!

Azumanga Daioh

Bakusou!! Love Attack(completed)
-Genre: Comedy, Romance, School-Life, Shoujo
Only 3 chapters long. It was an ok read. 

Bakusou!! Love Attack

Beast Master (completed)
-Genre: Comedy, Romance, Shoujo

(Rated Mature)

Yuiko x Leo

Beauty Pop (completed)
-Genre: Comedy, Romance, School-Life, Shoujo, Slice-Of-Life

Beauty Pop

Bleach (ongoing)
 -Genre: Action, Comedy, Shounen, Superpower, Supernatural


Blood Lad(completed)
-Genre: Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Mystery, Romance, Seinin, Supernatural

Blood Lad

-Genre: Drama, Romance, School-Life, Shoujo, Slice-Of-Life
By Yamada Daisy

Tachibana Hijiki x Utsugi Hourai

Chronos Deep(completed)
-Genre: Drama, Josei, Mystery, School-Life, Supernatural

Chronos Deep

Code Breaker (ongoing)
 -Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, School, Shounen, Superpower, Supernatural

Oogami Rei

Dakedo Happy Paradise (completed)
 -Genre: Comedy, Drama, Reverse-Harem, Shoujo 
A short, fun manga to read

Yuzuki, Shuuichi, Ruu, Sanai

Daydream Nightmare(completed)
-Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, School-Life, Shoujo, Supernatural
... Random Manga!!! Was funny though. Might be a little Shounen-ai (ish). So you have been warned. 

Baku & Ichi

Deadman Wonderland (completed)
 -Genre: Action, Drama, Horror, Mature, Sci-Fi, Shounen, Supernatural, Tragedy
(Rated Mature)

Deadman Wonderland

Death Note (completed)
 -Genre: Drama, Elite Student, Mystery, Psychological, Shounen, Supernatural 
There is a Japanese live action movie version of this. 
I first watched the Movie then read the Manga, then watched the Anime. And i actually like the Movie the best lol.  

L And Light

Dengeki Daisy (ongoing)
 -Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Shoujo

Kurosaki Tasuku

Dogs: Bullets & Carnage (ongoing)
 -Genre: Action, Drama, Mystery, Seinen
(Rated Mature)

Mihai & Haine & Naoto & Badou

-Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Psychological, Shounen, Tragedy


Film Girl (completed)
-Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Shoujo

Film Girl

Five (ongoing)
-Genre: Comedy, Reverse Harem, Romance, School Life, Shoujo


Fruits Basket (completed)
 -Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School, Shoujo, Supernatural 
Such a sweet manga.


Fruits Basket

Kyo & Honda & Yuki

Fushigi Yuugi (completed)
 -Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Magic, Martial Arts, Reverse Harem, Romance, Shoujo
Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden (hiatus)
 -Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Gender-Bender, Historical, Reverse Harem, Romance, Shoujo
(Rated Mature)

Fushigi Yuugi

Gakuen Alice(completed)
-Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Psychological, Romance, School-Life, Shoujo, Supernatural, Tragedy

Alice Academy

-Genre: Action, Adult, Drama, Ecchi, Horror, Psychological, Romance, Sci-Fi, Seinin, Tragedy
(Rated mature)

Kurono Kei

Global Garden (completed)
-Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Gender-Bender, Historical, Romance, Sci-fi, Shoujo, Supernatural
(Rated mature)
The ending was so confusing.
Hikaru x Ruika

Hanazakari No Kimi Tachi e/ Hana Kimi (completed)
 -Genre: Comedy, Drama, Gender-Bender, Romance, School, Shoujo
There is a japanese live action drama version of this.
Did you know that the Hana Kimi Character names are Places around Osaka, Japan? 
Some of the names are taken from city names while others are train stops. :) 
Nakatsu Shuichi, Ashiya Mizuki, Sano Izumi

Hana No Kishi (completed)
 -Genre: Elite Student, Gender-Bender, Romance, School, Shoujo 
This manga was quite good. A girl dressed up as a guy and has to keep it a secret.

Ibara & Sei & Ran

Happy Hustle High (H3)(completed)
-Genre: Comedy, Reverse-Harem, Romance, School-Life, Shoujo
This manga is a very typical shoujo manga. Was not as good as some other shoujo mangas out there but its short. So if you want a quick read then can give it a try.

Yasuaki, Hanabi, Tokihasa, Yoshitomo

Heart No Kuni No Alice (completed)
 -Genre: Fantasy, Reverse-Harem, Romance, Shoujo
 There is an Anime Movie of this! Got confusing at times but the art is so nice

Alice In The Country Of Hearts

Hikaru No Go(completed)
-Genre: Comedy, Drama, Historical, School-Life, Shounen, Sports
I remember reading this and thinking that it is actually really good and found it hard to stop reading until I got to the end. I remember the ending was quite disappointing though but overall was a really good read.

Hikaru No Go

-Genre: Horror, Seinin, Tragedy
A scary creepy manga that makes you look around when heading out to the bin. Lol


Ichigo Channel (completed)
 -Genre: Comedy, Drama, Gender-Bender, Romance, Show-Biz, Shoujo

Ichigo Channel

Iinchou No Himegoto(completed)
-Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance, School-life, Shoujo

Kagura x Ayano

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure(ongoing)
-Genre: Action, Adventure, Shounen
It's not highly recommended. If you like poses and rippling muscles then there is more than enough in this. *spoiler alert* Characters would meet their ends when reading this which makes no one safe. It is different to what I normally read but it isn't too bad.

Jojo Bizarre Adventures

Kaichou Wa Maid Sama(completed)
-Genre: Comedy, Drama, Martial-Arts, Romance, School-Life, Shoujo
Such a good and cute manga to read! The ending was happy and there was plenty of romantic scenes. Definitely recommended! The anime is also recommended!!   

Usui Takumi x Misaki Ayuzawa

Kangoku Gakuen (ongoing)
-Genre: Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, School, Seinen
Sooo... Can't actually believe I read this... There is also an Anime for this as well :-O It actually is pretty funny if you can get past all the sexual scenes and fan services.

Kiyoshi Fujino

Karakuri Odette(completed)
-Genre: Comedy, Romance, School-Life, Sci-Fi, Shoujo


Kazekaze No Hito(completed)
 -Genre: Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Shoujo
A really short manga, but good with a bitter-sweet ending

Kazekaze No Hito

Kitchen Princess (completed)
 -Genre: Comedy, Cooking, Shoujo

Kitchen No Ohime-Sama

Kekkaishi (completed)
 -Genre: Action, Adventure, Demons, Shounen, Supernatural
Good shounen manga with some good and bad parts.

Koko Ni Iru Yo (completed)
 -Genre: Love-Triangle, Romance, School, Shoujo

Hinata x Hikage x Teru

Kon No Ki Konoha (completed)
 -Genre: Fantasy, One shot, Romance, Shoujo, Tragedy

Blue Tree

Koukou Debut (completed)
 -Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School, Shoujo, Slice Of Life
 There is also a Japanese live action version of this. The manga is cute to read

Komiyama Yoh x Nagashima Haruna

Kiniro No Corda (completed)
 -Genre: Comedy, Drama, Elite Student, Music, Romance, School, Shoujo
Have to watch the Anime version of this! The classical music is amazing. The manga ending however was a bit disappointing. 

La Corda D'oro

 -Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Historical, Mystery, Psychological, Shounen, Supernatural

Black Butler

Liar Game (completed)
 -Genre: Drama, Game, Psychological, Seinen 
If you like characters being inside a game and to solve things then you will definitely like this manga, be prepared for a rushed ending though. Also a Japanese Movie/Drama of this.

Kanzaki Nao x Akiyama Shinichi

Love Sick(completed)
-Genre: Gender-Bender, Psychological, Reverse Harem, Romance, School-Life, Shoujo
This Manga had a sweet ending. I found some parts a bit confusing but overall really good.

Love Sick

Ludwig Revolution(completed)
 -Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Romance, Shoujo
Sequel is a one shot called Ludwig Fantasia. :-)

Prince Lui

 Mademoiselle Butterfly (completed)
 -Genre: Drama, Historical, Romance, Shoujo, Slice Of Life

Butterfly x Chinatsu

Magico (Iwamoto Naoki) (completed)
-Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shounen

Shion x Emma

Manga Mitaina Koi Shitai (completed)
Zoku Manga Mitaina Koi Shitai (sequel completed)
 -Genre: Comedy, Romance, Shoujo

Okita Tomoya x Sakura Rena

Magic Tower Pass(completed)
-Genre: Drama, Romance, School-Life, Shoujo
A short shoujo manga, it is ok to read.

Saya x Aki

Mirai Nikki(completed)
-Genre: Action, Drama, Horror, Mature, Mystery, Psychological, Romance, School-Life, Shounen, Supernatural, Tragedy
(Rated Mature)
This manga was so good! Had a mini twist and ending was not too bad 
Mirai Nikki

Mishounen Produce (completed)
-Genre: Comedy, Romance, School-Life, Shoujo
Kousei x Kako

NANA (hiatus)
 -Genre: Drama, Music, Romance, Shoujo, Slice Of Life, Josei
(Rated Mature)
There is a Japanese live action movie version of this, I haven't watched it.


Naruto (completed)
 -Genre; Action, Comedy, Ninja, Shounen, Superpower

Naruto Shippuden

Never Give Up (completed)
-Genre: Comedy, Gender-Bender, Romance, School-Life, Shoujo

Never Give Up

Nise No Chigiri(completed)
-Genre: Drama, Historical, Reverse Harem, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural
The artwork is pretty, but the story itself was a bit lacking and the ending felt rushed and not good.

Nise No Chigiri

Onani Master Kurisawa(completed)
 -Genre: Doujinshi, Drama, Mature, Psychological, Romance, School-Life, Seinin, Slice-Of-Life
(Rated Mature)
This turned out to be a really good Manga that is quite emotional even though some of the scenes are quite perverted! Not for everyone, but it is good if you don't mind a bit of dodgy scenes. The ending was sweet as well.

Onani Master Kurosawa

One Piece(ongoing)
-Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Shounen, Supernatural

One Piece

Ouran High School Host Club (completed)
 -Genre: Comedy, Club, Elite Student, Gender-Bender, Parody, Reverse-Harem, School, Shoujo
There is a Japanese live action drama version of this. I haven't watched it, been told to not watch it. But I might watch it one day... lol. The manga starts off really good and funny and interesting but halfway through it went downhill a lot and the ending was not good.

Ouran Koukou Hosutobu

Pandora Hearts (ongoing)
 -Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen, Supernatural

Nightray Gilbert, Break Xerxes, Vessalius Oz

Penguin Brothers (completed)
 - Genre: Comedy, Drama, School, Shoujo
It is good. The main girl is hardworking.

Koshiba Tetsuta, Nishizaki Kaito, Mishima Hina, Isshiki Shoui

Penguin Revolution (completed)
 - Genre: Comedy, Love Traingle, Romance, Shoujo, Show-Biz
A good short manga to read but the ending wasn't that great

Penguin Kakumei

Katsuragi Ryo, Fujimaru Yukari, Mashiba Ayaori

Prince Of Tennis (completed)
New Prince Of Tennis (ongoing)
 -Genre: Action, Comedy, School, Shounen, Sports
There is a live action Japanese movie version. I have not watched it.

Tennis No Ouji Sama

Pureblood + Boyfriend(ongoing)
-Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, School-life, Shoujo, Supernatural

Junketsu + Kareshi

Reimei No Arcana (ongoing)
-Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo

Reimei No Arcana

Rockin Heaven (completed)
 -Genre: Drama, Reverse Harem, Romance, School, Shoujo

Sawa Konishi And Class

Rurouni Kenshin (completed)
 -Genre: Action, Drama, Historical, Samurai, Shounen 
There is a Japanese live action movie of this which was good to watch if bored. The manga is better to read.

Himura Kenshin, Kamiya Kaoru, Myojin Yahiko, Sagara Sanosuke

Seiyuu Ka!(completed)
-Genre: Comedy, Drama, Gender-bender, romance, school-life, shoujo, slice of life.
(By same author that wrote Special A)
Was such a sweet manga! With some funny moments but overall really good.

Seiyuu Ka!

Shinigamihime No Saikon(completed)
-Genre: Comedy, Drama, Historical, Romance, Shoujo
The female character got on my nerves at times. But the art is great and it was ok to read.

Shinigami Hime No Saikon

Shinobi Life(completed)
-Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Martial Arts, Romance, School-Life, Shoujo, Supernatural, Tragedy

Shinobi Life

Sora Oto(completed)
-Genre: Fantasy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Supernatural

Sora Oto

Special A (completed)
 -Genre: Comedy, Drama, Elite Student, Romance, School, Shoujo 
The ending disappointed me but overall a good manga. This author also wrote Seiyuu Ka! The Sequel is one volume long called Special A: Street Fight


Spiral - Suiri No Kizuna (completed)
 -Genre: Elite Student, Mystery, Drama, School, Shounen, Thriller 
Got a bit confusing. But I liked this manga. There is an anime of this.

Spiral: Bonds Of Reasoning

Stray Love Hearts (completed)
 -Genre: Comedy, Mystery, Fantasy, Reverse Harem, Romance, School, Shoujo, Supernatural
Do not need to guess who the main female was trying to find but I still really like this manga as the characters are good.


Kuga & Kitou & Hiyoki & Hijiri & Ren

Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume (completed)
 - Genre: Comedy, Drama, Shoujo
I feel like the drawing of the main characters is quite similar to Zombie Loan. But it is a good manga.

Shindou Satsuki, Takamura Uru, Nishikawa Ichirou

Shinshi Doumei Cross (completed)
 -Genre: Comedy, Elite Student, Drama, Romance, School, Shoujo

The Gentleman's Alliance Cross

Shirogane No Karasu (completed)
 -Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen

Silvery Crow

John Elegadine

Shirogane No Ou (completed)
 -Genre: Fantasy, Shoujo, Supernatural

Right Eye & His Majesty & The Pelt

Strobe Edge (completed)
 -Genre: Drama, Love-Traingle, Romance, School, Shoujo
A romance manga with lots of drama that made me very frustrated while reading but still very good.
Ren, Ninako, Takumi

Andou Takumi Or Ichinose Ren?

Team Medical Dragon (ongoing)
-Genre: Drama, Mature, Seinin
(Rated Mature)

Asada Ryutaro

Trance Knights(completed)
-Genre: Action, Sci-fi, Shounen
A discontinued Manga, read at your own risk. :-P

Trance Knights

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (completed)
 -Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen
Open ending, but still like this manga. There is an anime for this.

Syaoran, Fai, Kurogane

xxxHolic (completed)
 -Genre: Comedy, Mystery, Drama, Magic, Supernatural 
The ending confused me a little bit but it is a really good manga. There is an anime for this.

Doumeki Shizuka, Ichihara Yuuko, Watanuki Kimihiro

Vampire Girl (completed)
-Genre: Drama, Historical, Josei, Mystery, Psychological, Romance, Supernatural, Tragedy
This manga was good. Made me think a lot about the two main characters. But it does get complicated.

Koizumi Kanna x Toujou Ren

Zero Count (completed)
 -Genre: Drama, Reverse-Harem, School-Life, Shoujo

Mitsuru, Nao, Minori

Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen(completed)
-Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo

Euda x Johanne

Zettai Kareshi (completed)
 -Genre: Comedy, Drama, Love-Traingle, Romance, Shoujo
There is a live action japanese drama version of this. The setting is different from the Manga, but its still good to watch.

Absolute Boyfriend

Zombie Loan (completed)
 -Genre: Action, Horror, Shounen,Supernatural
Started off soo good! But towards the middle and end was very confusing and disappointing.

Shito & Zarame & Chika & Michiru

07 Ghost (ongoing)
 -Genre: Action, Demons, Fantasy, Magic, Shoujo, Military

07 Ghost

[switch] (completed)
 -Genre: Action, Drama, Mystery, Police, Shounen

Hal & Kai

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  2. if you want a good manga to read, read hana to akuma

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