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Question? What are Webtoons?
Answer: Webtoon is Web+Cartoons or animated comic-strip. Usually webtoons are drawn in full color and read in one long strip per chapter.


^^ Kubera
     Kubera (Season 2)
  It is a must read!! It is amazing! 
Raw Link >>>>>>> 쿠베라

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

^^ Tower of God
     Tower Of God (Volume 2)
I was a bit put off by the artwork at first. But i got used to it and it really is a must read !!
Raw Link >>>>> 신의 탑

Tower Of God
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Psychological

^^ Crepuscule
A story about Vampires
Raw Link >>>>>>> 크리퍼스큘

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, School Life,  Supernatural

^^ Chess Isle
Raw Link >>>>>> 체스아일

Chess Isle
Genre: Comedy, Psychological 

^^ Diamond Dust
Raw Link >>>>>>>> 다이아몬드 더스트

Diamond Dust
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Psychological, Romance, Slice Of Life, Tragedy

^^ Dice: The Cube That Changes Everything
Raw Link >>>>>>>> 다이스(DICE)

Genre: Action, Drama, Psychological, School-Life, Shounen, Supernatural

^^ Divine Bells
Lol, so funny. It's good
Raw Link >>>>>>>>> 신령

Divine Bells
Genre:  Fantasy, Historical, Mystery, Supernatural

^^ Dr Frost
Really good. 
Raw Link >>>>>> 닥터 프로스트

Dr. Frost
Genre: Drama, Psychological, Seinen

^^ Fairy Heart
The story is good and sweet. But a word of warning is that the ending is abrupt and confusing
Raw Link >>>>>>>>>>> 페어리하트

Fairy Heart (Eclain & Grassbee)
-Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural

^^ Fisheye Placebo
The artwork is truly amazing! 
Link >>>>>> Fisheye Placebo

Fisheye Placebo
-Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi

^^ God Of High School
This is actually quite good and funny :) A word of warning is that their power ups goes super crazy!
Raw Link >>>>>> 갓 오브 하이스쿨

The God Of High School
Genre: Action, Comedy, Martial Arts, Supernatural

^^ Hanged Doll
Creepy and Psychological with a twist at the end!
Other Webtoons by Team Getname/Carnby: Superior Day, Melo Holic, City Of Dead Sorcerer
Raw Link >>>>>>> 교수인형

Hanged Doll
Genre: Action, Drama, Mystery, Psychological, Tragedy

^^ Hazy Daze
A story about Magic! Sounds Interesting
Link >>>>>> Hazy Daze
Hazy Daze
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Slice Of Life

^^ Heavenly Match
The artwork is so pretty!
Raw Link >>>>> 천연 天緣

Heavenly Match
- Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Psychological, Shoujo, Supernatural

^^ Knight Run
Wow! This webtoon is amazing !
Raw Link >>>>>>> 나이트런

Knight Run
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Shounen, Tragedy

^^ Magician Edermask
Don't let the artwork in the beginning put you off! It is goood! Goes through so many styles of art but then sticks with one.
Raw Link >>>>>>> 마술사

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural, Tragedy

^^ Nineteen, Twenty one
Such a sweet relationship between the two main characters and with the Cats too. 
Raw Link >>>>>>>>>>>> 열아홉스물하나

Nineteen, Twenty-One
-Genre: Comedy, Drama, Josei, Romance, Shoujo, Slice Of Life

^^ Orange Marmalade
Vampire, romance. Relationship is cute. Also sad too.
Raw Link >>>>>>오렌지 마말레이드

Ma Ri x Jung Jae Ming
-Genre: Comedy, Romance, School-Life, Supernatural, Vampire

^^ Sfumare
Discontinued Webtoon. But was still funny and a good read.
Raw Link >>>>>>> 스퓨메어:연기처럼 사라지다
-Genre: Comedy, Romance, School-Life, Shoujo, Supernatural, Vampire

^^ Trace
     Trace 1.5 (Sequel)
     Trace Perfume (Related)
     Trace 2.0 (Sequel)
The first webtoon I read. It's Amazing!
Raw Link >>>>>>>>>> 트레이스

Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Supernatural

^^ Twelve Nights
So beautifully drawn.
Raw Link >>>>>>> 십이야

Twelve Nights
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Gender Bender, Historical,  Romance

^^ Undercity
Warning: Possibly a discontinued webtoon
Raw Link >>>>>>>> 언더시티

Genre: Action, Mystery, Psychological, Sci-Fi

^^ Wolf's Castle
Warning: Incomplete webtoon which will probably not continue.
Raw Link >>>>>>> 늑대의성

Wolf's Castle
Genre: Action, Supernatural, Adventure

More Information (May Contain Spoilers)

^^ Crepuscule

Original Webcomic: Crepuscule
Original Version: Original Version (Incomplete)

Synopsis: [Lark] is different from the rest of the kids. He has red eyes just like Vampires do and he is bullied by the other kids for that. One day he meets [Setz] a genuine Vampire of a Noble clan who is the only one that doesn’t call him monster or bully him. Eventually they become friends but when an incident happens, [Setz] does not want to lose a friend so he invites him to his home... The world of Vampires.

^^ God Of High School

Original Webcomic can be found here: GoHS

Description: While an island half-disappears from the face of the earth, a mysterious organization is sends out invitations for a tournament to every skilled fighter in the world.
If you win you can have ANYTHING you want.” they claim.
They’re recruiting only the best to fight the best and claim the title of The God of High School!

^^ Trace

Original webcomic: Daum/Trace
Description: The story is set in contemporary South Korea where some 30 years ago, unidentified creatures appeared out of nowhere attacking humans. The ascension of these monsters which are now classified as "Troubles", has resulted in the world falling into chaos. Curiously, along the time of their appearance, a number of humans were born with or able to acquire supernatural abilities. These mutants called the "Trace" are the only ones who can fight off the "Trouble". However, "Trace" are also considered freaks and are mostly shunned by the community due to a few exploiting their powers.

The plot revolves around two main characters: Sa Ghang-gwon, a high school student born as a "Trace" who attempts to hide his ability; the other is Kim Yun-sung, who acquired his "Trace" abilities during his 30s. Soon after his acquisition, his wife and daughter were taken away from him for experimental purposes.

^^ Kubera

I discovered Kubera from
Currygom is the Author of Kubera, the raws can be found here: Comic Naver/Kubera
Currygom also has another webcomic called Myum-Myum.

Synopsis: A girl with a god's name, Kubera. The god who's prophesied to bring great change into the world.
The story begins with Kubera in a remote mountain village with her family, But her life turns upside down as she witnesses the fiery end to her town and everyone she knows. Accompanied by a magician of riddles, watch as world trembles at the war against the gods.

^^ Tower Of God

Original webcomic: Comic Naver
Can Read it here: ToG
SIU has another webcomic called Cloud Atlas

Description: What do you desire? Fortune? Glory? Power? Revenge? Or something that surpasses all others? Whatever your desire, 'that, is here'. Tower of God...


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