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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Kubera: One last God Webtoon [GOD Kubera]

Blonde or Silvered Hair?

Young Blonde Hair

Older Blonde Hair

Young Silvered Hair
Older Silvered Hair

Support the Author by visiting the original site: Comic Naver/Kubera

Webtoon: Tower Of God (ToG)

*Contains spoiler - ish images below if you haven't read ToG yet*

**Baam. Twenty Fifth Baam / Jyu Viole Grace!

Young Baam (Outside Tower)

Twenty Fifth Baam (Just Entered Tower)

Baam (Regular/Irregular)


Baam/Viole! (Eye Colour is the same!!)

Baam = Viole Confirmed!

**Koon Agero Agnis

Young Koon

Koon (Evankhell's Hell)
Koon (Different Hairstyle)

Koon Agero Agnis

** Rak Rekraiser

Gator Full Size:

Yu Han Sung & Rak

Chibi Gator !!


Rak Rekraiser + Koon Agero Agnis

Original webcomic: Comic Naver