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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Monday, 28 January 2013

Webtoon: Dr Frost

Ha ha ha look how happy the bartender is compared to Dr. Frosts face!! Aww So Sweet!! >.<

Dr Frost

At chapter 75 and the bartender is still so happy to see Sung-ah !!! So cute.
Gotta <3 the Bartender

Chapter 80: Aww How cute is the dog!

Dr. Frost

Click to see original website with sound embedded! - Dr. Frost

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Dessert! Or is it?

Looks Good enough to eat right??




Pocky Sticks!

Well, these aren't edible unfortunately. They are erasers!!

More in this website! Desert Erasers

Monday, 21 January 2013

Friday, 11 January 2013

YEY! Chihayafuru season 2 !!

Chihayafuru 2 !! Highly recommended Anime! : -D


Opening of Chihayafuru 2:

*Contains spoiler -ish images below*

Episode 4: 
Ha ha ha! So adorable!!
Taichi: Excuse me!? Can I have a towel? ...Huh???
Towel !!

But the towel he chooses and decides to use is from Chihaya!!! :-D
Lol look at Tsukue-kun in the middle!

Taichi Takes Chihayas' Towel!!

Episode 6:

Noooo Chihaya!! So saaad, She lost Again!!!??? :'(

Episode 7:


Episode 9:
HA HA HA HA HA!! Arata only recognised Shinobu from the mole on her face!!!!
Arata: What are you doing putting on and losing weight so quickly?? LOL! (It's cause of all the ice creeeam!)
Shinobu & Arata
HA HA HA!!! Only the anime chihayafuru could make me feel so emotional and then burst out laughing a second later!! 
ARATAAA! (Got caught) >.<

Episode 11:
OMG! Sudou-san!!!!!!!!!!! Pink Banner. Hahahahaha!!! :-D
Sudou Akihito & Nishida Yukari

Episode 12:
HAHAHA Creepy indeed!!
Hiro Kinashi AKA Retro-Kun

Episode 13:
Waaah, One week to wait to see the outcome! Such a tense ep! Go! Mizusawa!
How awesome was Chihaya when she took the card!!!!!
Chihaya & Megumu

Aww Nikuman-Kun is scared!! Too Manly! lolz!!
Yu-Chan & Nishida

Episode 14:
OMG! This episode had me on the edge of my seat the whole way through! ! Really intense!
OUCH !!! Chihaya lost her best "Impassioned" card!
Megumu ! :-/

OMG! Hokuo! Sudou is disappointed / angry? ! LOL 
Ha ha ha! That's Pathetic!! 

CHIHAYA!!!??? Again??? She was playing so kool as well !! 
*Cries* Chihaya! Noooo

You can't Watch? I can't Watch either!!!! 
Go Tsukue-Kun!!!

Taichi !!!!!! So considerate.... Kyaaaaaaaa!!
Taichi and Chihaya

Episode 15:
Nooooooo! Have to wait another week until the match begins!! But Hahaha at Sudou scaring his team!! 
Lol !! Please Don't Spank Us!! Retro-Kun is totally scared of Sudou !!

Sudou and Team Hokuo. Eeek !

Poor Arata!! Wanting to support Chihaya and Taichi, but can't!  Hang in there!
Shinobu getting dressed (LOL) and Arata fighting not to go watch the match (Aww)!


Episode 18:
Taichi!!! Gambatte!! Mizusawa!!

Mashima Taichi

Episode 19:
Yesssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chihaya wins!!!!!!!!!

Ayase Chihaya

And the first thing she does is fall asleep!! lol. 

Lol, Chihaya's team is used to it

Team Mizusawa!! Won!!! So Happy!!! >.< !!!!

Yey!!!! Number 1 Team!!

Episode 20:
Oh no, Chihaya hurt her finger! But it gives her an excuse to just crawl to where Taichi is sleeping!!! Lol and Kyaa!

Taichi & Chihaya

Poor guy who is up against Arata!!! Lol, his face!


Episode 21:
Ah ha ha ha! Arata's parents are not actually being supportive!

Lol. But Arata is too good!

Oh  MiGosh! Chihaya preparing for a match against Shinobu!!!!!!!!! Will Chihaya ever get to play Arata??????????? Will her finger be ok?? >.<
Episode 22:
Lame T-shirt!! LOL! 

Wakamiya Shinobu

but then... Chihaya does this! :

OWNED ! ! ! ! 
And then it was painful to watch Chihaya...
But Chihaya isn't a sore loser!! So friendly :-D
They would make great friends :-D

Omg... Tsukuba Akihiro....

And then over at B class, How KOOL is Taichi!!!!!!!!!!!!
Taichi & Retro

Episode 23:
Hokuo Academy = Lost matches = Sudou FLICK !!! lol
Feel the wrath of Akito Sudou !! LOL !!
OMG !!! Taichi is just too awesome and relaxed !!!!!
Mashima Taichi
So cute!
Hahahaha!!! The appearance of Chihaya, and in an instant he has totally lost his concentration!!
So glad Chihaya decided to support Taichi !
LOL ! Taichi is total nervous!!

Arata Vs Shinobu! Arata's face looks slightly evil here!!!!
Aww, so cute. Taichi did not even realise he made it to Class A because he kept thinking about Chihaya. But Chihaya is so happy for Taichi !! 
SO HAPPY !!!! Taichi is in Class A !!!!!! <3

Episode 24:
Only one more ep after this for season 2 of Chihayafuru to be finished. T.T
and OMG!!! Shinobu & Arata's Match!!!!
So intense!! and the card went flying to a stunned Chihaya's face!!
Luckily Taichi blocked the card!! Reliable as usual <3
Taichi Skillfully blocks the card!!

Arata!!! Just brushes it off with a Sorry and smiles! All is forgiven lol
Arghhh....!! I'm seriously torn between Arata and Taichi. Chihaya should just choose both!! :-D
So cool and calm!!

The Queen is so badass >.<
Wakamiya Shinobu
O.M.G !!!!!! Arata's parents will not be happy ! lolz! University in Tokyo, here he comes!!!!!!!
Wataya Arata

Episode 25(Last ep of Season2) :
Such a nice ending! Still undecided who to ship Chihaya with. Sad that season 2 has came to an end. Buut, Coach Sakurazawa: "Only two players went through the entire high school tournament without a loss; Wataya Arata from Fukui & Mashima Taichi from Mizusawa!! Hinting at a possible Season 3? >.<

Taichi vs Arata !?

Arata & Chihaya

Look at the Queens upset face!

Haha! Fujisaki HS students are shocked

Poor Eromu! He does not have Sakurazawa e-mail address
Lmao!! No Practise Swings allowed!
Forward. We can only go forward!