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Sunday, 24 February 2013

ToG: Vol 2

*Contains spoiler - ish images*

Eeeeeee. So excited!! Finally get to see Baams original teammates!!


Vol2: Chapter 53

Omg!!!!!! Androssi Finally Meets Baam/Viole!!!??

Vol2: Chapter 59

Tower Of God Original: Naver ToG

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Kubera: One Last God Random Pics

Definitely recommend to go read Kubera!! The authors' story is amazing! Plus the artwork is totally amazing! *Thumbs Up!!* :-D

*Contains spoiler - ish images below if you haven't read it yet*

Agni (Aka: Babo Kim)

Some Bishies!! Read Kubera to see more!

Younger Asha (Looks like a Boy but is a Girl!)

Asha and Leez

Yuta <3 <3

I find this scene so cute!! >.< 
Leny & Shess

A glimpse at a possible Yuta's grown form. So Hawt. >.<



Oh Ran,  You saying "Hot" from the spilled Coffee or is it directed at Leez? hee hee hee. :-D
Ran & Leez

~~ Ahh, how is Yuta going to react when he sees Leez now. Or when Leez sees Yuta all grown up ~~
>.< !!
And aww Yuta!! You are sooo adorable!!!!! He sees Leez grown up!

Yuta >.<
Yuta! You are so Kind, letting Leez beat him in points so that she would still think he is weak and continue to take care/protect him. >.<

Omg! Cuute. Just Wanna HUG him here!

Aww Leez! Just wanna hug her here too!!

Leez. Wanna Hug Her !!

Yey!! He makes an appearance again!!! *Excited !*


Gandharva & Teo! ! ! >.<

Luckily Yuta doesn't see this scene. But OMGz!!!!!!!! >.<

OMGz!!!!! *Heart stops*

Such funny moments too <3

<3 Yuta & Ran moment hahah <3

Original: Kubera
Voice Drama:

Monday, 18 February 2013

Scary Webtoon T. T

Noooooo. Why Oh Why did i have to read this Webtoon...!! Now i'm scaaaaared.


Click to read ----> Comic Naver: Bongcheon Dong Ghost

Phew, this one wasn't as scary. ----> Comic Naver: Ghost Station.

Ps: If its only me that found this scary then oops I get scared easily? *laughs*

Kinomoto Sakura

Sakura Flower

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Random: Meal for 1?

Ha ha ha, Who wants to join me for a meal?

Pasta, Sausage, Fresh Coriander and Chicken soup used as a sauce. Simple and easy. :-D

Pastaaaaa. ^_^

Hetalia: Axis Power (Italy)

Monday, 11 February 2013

Random App Game Idea?

I think it would be quite fun if someone created a game for mobile that involved taking pictures using their camera.
The idea is simple really. Like a word chain game;

Person A would have to find and take a picture of, for example a television:

So television ends with the letter N. Person B will need to try and find something beginning with N.

Ha ha, the word beginning with N is Nutella (Not the squirrel)

So now person A will need to find something beginning with A.

Of course, It's an Apple.
and so on and so on.

To make things harder could have themes, like only objects that are red, only things that you find in your house, electronic things only, only food, etc etc. 

Or maybe its already out and I just haven't been able to find it yet. :-P

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Skip Beat!!

Ah, Ren is sooo kool! *Swoons* >.<

Tsuruga Ren!!

Still think Fuwa Sho looks nice even though his personality is poor!

Fuwa Shoutaro

Fuwa & Kyoko. The Angels Arc is so good!!!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Webtoon - Magician Edermask

You are too impatient.
If you receive a little more guidance...
You will improve in no time.
[The technique is capable of cleaving mountains in two]
Delicate movements
[You are not able to fully utilize]
The full latent potential that sleeps within you.
Does not make one strong.
[Your body has already grown to handle delicate and flexible movements]
(Although it may seem slow and feeble)
I'm sure there is a deep and powerful strength hidden within.

Enzu !! !! >.<

Read it here: Edermask
Raws: Naver