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A special thanks to all the Directors, Subbers, Animators etc out there! Animes are amazing!

Have been a tiny bit obsessed with Anime ever since I have discovered Cardcaptor Sakura. Have to read and watch all of Clamps work as characters would be crossed over in their works.

Watched (By Clamp):

~~ Cardcaptor Sakura (Season 1)
      Cardcaptor Sakura: The Movie (Movie 1)
      Cardcaptor Sakura: The Sealed Card (Movie 2)
      Cardcaptor Sakura: Specials (Special)
      Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card (2018)                                              
     It is a good Anime, just a bit repetitive since it has 70 episodes altogether but its still one of my fav animes.                                                     
Yukito & Touya & Tomoyo & Kero & Sakura

~~ Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (Season 1)
      Tsubasa Chronicle 2nd Season (Season 2)
      Tsubasa Chronicle: Tokyo Revelations (Ova 1)
      Tsubasa Chronicle: Shunraiki (Ova 2)
      Tsubasa Chronicle: Tori Kago No Kuni No Himegimi (Movie)
I do like this anime, but it's an open ending and finished reading the manga is also open ending. But its Syaoran x Sakura! so it's all good.

Kurogane & Sakura & Syaoran & Fai

Kamui & Subaru

~~ xxxHolic (Season 1)
     xxxHolic: Kei (Season 2)
     xxxHolic: Shunmuki (Ova 1)
     xxxHolic: Rou (Ova 2)
     xxxHolic: Manatsu No Yoru No Yume/ A Midsummer Night's Dream (Movie)
The characters are drawn really thin, but still really like the anime and Kimihiro Watanuki voice seiyuu, is amazing!

Yuuko & Watanuki & Doumeki

xxxHolic & Tsubasa

~~ Kobato
Such a sweet anime! And the seiyuu of Iorogi is actually the same person who does Kurogane in Tsubasa RC.

Ioryogi & Hanato Kobato

~~ Angelic Layer
This anime is good.

Angelic Layer

~~ Code Geass: Hangyaku No Lelouch/Lelouch Of The Rebellion (Season 1)
      Code Geass: Hangyaku No Lelouch R2 (Season 2)
      Code Geass: Boukoku No Akito (Movies)
      Code Geass (Ovas)
A must watch anime! The seiyuus and characters are just amazing. A warning that season one is quite a bit better than season two though but the ending is not too bad.

Kururugi Suzaku, LiBritannia Euphimia, C.C, Lamperouge Lelouch

Suzaku & LeLouch

~~ Blood c
      Blood c: The Last Dark (Movie)
(Rated Mature)
Hmm, wasn't quite sure whether i liked this anime or not. It was ok.

Saya Kisaragi

~~ X (Season 1)
      X/1999 (Movie)
      Tokyo Babylon (Prequel)
(Rated Mature)
I only watched this once and it was a while ago, but i think it was ok. It wouldn't be one of the top recommendations though.


X - Kamui & Fuuma

Tokyo Babylon - Subaru & Seishirou

~~ Chobits
(Rated Mature)
It is a good romantic/comedy. I liked this anime.


Other Animes that i have watched in chronological order:


~~ Sailormoon (Season 1)
      Sailormoon R (Sequel)
      Sailormoon Crystal (2014)
I watched this ages and ages ago, even before discovering Cardcaptor Sakura! I think it does get a bit repetitive but I still really like this anime.

Pretty Soldier Sailormoon!


~~ Rurouni Kenshin (Season 1)
      Rurouni Kenshin: Tsuiokuhen (Prequel/Ova)
      Rurouni Kenshin: Seisouhen (Sequel/Ova)
One of the first mangas that i read and watched the anime. It is really good. There is a live action movie for this too.

Samurai X

~~ The Vision Of Escaflowne
      Escaflowne: A Girl In Gaea (Movie)

Van, Hitomi, Allen


~~ Ayashi No Ceres
(Rated Mature)
This is a good anime, A good love story with pain and sad moments in it too. 

Celestial Legend


~~ Fruits Basket
I preferred the manga of this, the anime didn't introduce all the characters but it is still really good to watch.

Furuba/ Furutsu Basuketto
Yuki & Kyo & Honda

~~ Prince Of Tennis (Season 1)
      Prince Of Tennis: The National Tournament/ Semi Final /Final (Ovas)
      Prince Of Tennis: Another Story II - Ano Toki No Bokura (Ovas)
      Prince Of Tennis: The Two Samurai, The First Game (Movie)
      Prince Of Tennis: Eikokushiki Teiyuu Shiro Kessen (Movie)
      Shin Prince Of Tennis (Season 2)
I don't watch many sports anime. But this one is actually really good and has comedy in it. Plus Ryoma Echizens Voice. *droolz*  There are many fillers in it too though and the ending was ok.

Tennis No Ouji Sama


~~ Full Moon Wo Sagashite
      Full Moon Wo Sagashite: Cute Cute Adventure (Spin-off/ Special)
A sweet anime! The singing voice is good but does get a bit repetitive in only singing that one song
Mitsuki x Takuto

~~ Samurai Deeper Kyo

Samurai Deeper Kyo

~~ Spiral: Suiri No Kizuna
I really like this anime but I did find it a bit confusing but still really good to watch! The ending wasn't that good though.

Spiral: Bonds Of Reasoning


~~ Bakuten Shoot Beyblade G Revolution
      Bakuten Shoot 2002 (Prequel)
Watched this when I was younger. I did like it at the time but unsure if I will be able to re-watch it now.


~~ Cromartie High School
One's IQ might be lowered when watching this lol. So random!

Sakigake!! Cromartie Koukou

~~ D.N. Angel
This is a good anime! :-) 

D.N. Angel

~~ Full Metal Alchemist
     Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood (2009)
I actually only watched half of full metal alchemist and all of brotherhood. It was a really slow start, had to watch a full season or two before I really started liking it. The latter part of it is really good though. 



~~ Gakuen Alice
It might seem childish, but it is really good and funny! The characters are cute too.

Alice Academy

~~ Tactics
I didn't really like this anime for some reason. But if you like demons then should give it a try.

Haruka & Ichinomiya Kantarou


~~ Blood +
      Blood: The Last Vampire (Alternate Version/Movie)
(Rated Mature)
The anime blood+ is better than the movie. Very emotional anime and the ending is both depressing but happy too. So watch this anime!  :)

Saya x Haji

~~Eureka 7

Eureka Seven

~~ Eyeshield 21
Funny and so good !! 

Eyeshield 21

~~ Gun x Sword
I quite enjoyed this anime. Liked the art of it too.

Gun x Sword

~~ Loveless
 (Rated Mature and contains Shounen Ai) 
This anime is so confusing to me. I watched this for the seiyuu and shounen-ai... Hahah... >__<

Soubi & Ritsuka


~~ Death Note
There is also a Live Action Movie of this which I prefer but the Anime is not bad.

L And Light

~~ Fate/Stay Night (Season 1)
      Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (Movie)
      Fate/Zero (Prequel)
       Fate Apocrypha
If you like Action, then this anime is good. The main guy character was a little annoying though. lol.
Fate Apocrypha was okay. Some scenes were quite touching but some scenes just seemed to be so long and dragged out


Fate Apocrypha

~~ Ghost Hunt
Supernatural genre. It is good

Ghost Hunt

~~ Kiniro No Corda: Primo Passo (Season 1)
     Kiniro No Corda: Primo Passo - Hitonatsu No Encore (Side Story)
     Kiniro No Corda: Secondo Passo (Sequel/Special)
     Kiniro No Corda: Blue Sky (Adaptation)
The music is so good! Makes you want to learn to play an instrument! The adaptation (Blue sky) however was a bit too cheesy for my liking.

Kiniro No Corda Primo Passo

Kiniro No Corda Secondo Passo

La Corda D'oro

~~ Mamotte! Lollipop
So so childish and repetitive but I found it hard to stop watching so I like this! :-P

Save me! Lollipop

(Rated Mature)
The music in this is really good.


~~ Ouran High School Host Club
Anime is awesome. Have to watch!

Ouran Koukou Host Club

~~ Saiunkoko Monogatari (Season 1)
      Saiunkoko Monogatari 2nd Season (Season 2)
      Saiunkoko Monogatari Soushuuhen (Summary)
      Saiunkoko Monogatari Specials (Specials)
Reverse Harem!! Was ok, a bit boring in some parts of this.
ColourCloud Palace/ The Story of Saiunkoku

~~ Shounen Onmyouji
Amazing Seiyuus! Japanese mythology, demons. It's highly recommended to watch.

Mokkun & Masahiro







~~ Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge
I watched this and dropped it, watched it again and dropped it. The art was so hard for me to get used to. But i prevailed! and if you can get over the art then this anime is funny and good !

Perfect Girl Evolution / Wallflower

~~ Zero No Tsukaima (Season 1)
      Zero No Tsukaima: Futatsuki No Kishi (Season 2)
      Zero No Tsukaima: Princesses No Rondo (Season 3)
      Zero No Tsukaima: F (Final)
This is surprisingly good and quite funny at times.

Familiar Of Zero


~~ Darker Than Black: Kuro No Keiyakusha
      Darker Than Black: Kuro No Keiyakusha Gaiden (Sequel)
      Darker Than Black: Kuro No Keiyakusha Special (Special)
It was a bit confusing. But their powers are soo koool! 

Darker Than Black

~~ Kyoshiro To Towa No Sora
I only really watched this because the main guy character Seiyuu is the same person who voiced Tsuruga Ren (Skip Beat!). I thought i would like it because the characters looks good, but i didn't really like this.

Kyoshiro x Kuu

~~ Nodame Cantabile (Season 1)
      Nodame Cantabile Paris (Season 2)
      Nodame Cantabile Finale (Season 3)
      Nodame Cantabile OVA and Special
Lovely classical music and the Anime is really sweet and funny.

Noda x Chiaki

~~ Seirei No Moribito

Moribito - Guardian Of The Spirit

~~ Shinreigari: Ghost Hound
So hard to watch. I found it boring. 

Ghost Hound

~~ Shion No Ou
I can't remember how i came across this Anime. But i am glad i did. Shougi game with a crime mystery to it. It's really interesting.

Shion No Ou

~~ Shugo Chara (Season 1)
      Shugo Chara Doki (Season 2)
      Shugo Chara Party (Sequel)
Does get a bit repetitive and looks a bit childish, but it is a good anime.

Shugo Chara

~~ Tengen Toppa Guren Lagann
I first started watching this due to the Seiyuus. I found it quite hard to get into, but it has amazing reviews. So unsure.

Kamina & Simon & Yoko

~~ Zombie Loan (Season 1)
      Zombie Loan Specials (Sequel/OVA)
Open ending, so i read the manga and it's ending was disappointing. But the anime is good to watch though.

Shito, Chika, Zarame, Michiru

Chika & Shito


~~ Hakushaku To Yousei
I liked this anime but it seemed to have ended abruptly but it is still good to watch.

Earl And Fairy

~~ Hatenkou Yuugi
I liked the characters in this anime but the story line was quite random and a bit confusing.


~~ Kuroshitsuji (Season 1)
     Kuroshitsuji II (Season 2)
     Kuroshitsuji Specials
     Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus
     Kuroshitsuji: Book of Murder
     Kuroshitsuji: Book of Atlantic
(Rated Mature)
The first season was really good towards the end, then I watched the second season and it got a bit too strange. But second season opening song by Gazette! Amazing! Seiyuus in this anime *droolz* lol. Book of circus was good to watch but make sure to watch it after season 1. There are live action musicals and one movie as well to check out. Overall, I am a fangirl so I do like kuroshitsuji. <3

Sebastian & Ciel

Kuroshitsuji II

~~ Macoss Frontier (Season 1)
      Macross Frontier: Itsuwari No Itahime (Movie1)
      Macross Frontier: Sayonara No Tsubasa (Movie 2)
I really liked this anime, the songs are really good.

Ranka & Brera & Alto & Sheryl

~~ Maria Holic
Do not even know why I first started watching this. Just remember finding this funny in some parts.

Maria + Holic

~~ Miracle Train
Hahah... Yes I watched this for the art... *cough cough*

Miracle Train: Oedo-Sen e Youkoso

~~ Nabari No Ou
Its a ninja theme with a bit of a twist. 

Yoite & Rokujo Miharu

~~ Natsume Yuujinchou (Season 1)
      Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou (Season 2)
      Natsume Yuujinchou San (Season 3)
      Natsume Yuujinchou Shi (Season 4)
Ahhhh, I put off watching this for so long. But it turns out that this is actually a very emotional, deep anime!!! 

Natsume Yuujinchou

~~ Neo Angelique Abyss (Season 1)
      Neo Angelique Abyss Second Age (Sequel)
      Angelique (Spin-Off) 
A reverse Harem anime. Only watch if you like reverse harem.

Neo Angelique Abyss

~~ Special A (SA)
I found it similar to Kaichou Wa Maid Sama, Romantic/Comedy, Must watch! So good!
Special A

~~ Skip Beat!
Highly recommended! Seiyuus amazing, characters amazing, it ends in an open ending and the manga isn't completed but still must watch!

Skip Beat!

Tsuruga Ren Fan, But I Do Not Hate Fuwa Sho

Sho & Ren
Kyoko x Ren

~~ Spice And Wolf (Season 1)
      Spice And Wolf (Season 2)
AKA: Ookami to Koushinryou. Its a good anime

Holo & Lawrence Kraft

~~ Switch (Ova)
Love the seiyuu and the action in this

Kai & Hal

~~ Toshokan Sensou
      Toshokan Sensou: Kakumei No Tsubasa (Movie)
Such a good anime. Great seiyuu cast. It's funny too.
Library War

~~ Vampire Knight (Season 1)
     Vampire Knight Guilty (Season 2)
If you are not fed up of vampires then I recommend this anime! I really like it but I haven't been watching or reading a lot of other vampire genres. It ends in an open ending and manga is still ongoing.

Vampire Knight

Kiryuu Zero Fan! >.<
Kiryuu Zero x Cross Yuuki

 Trailer for Vampire Knight Season 1:

Trailer for Vampire Knight Season 2:

~~ World Destruction Sekai Bokumetsu No Rokunin
It is an ok anime

Sands Of Destruction

~~ Yozakura Quartet (Season 1)
      Yozakura Quartet: Hoshi No Umi (Ova)
      Yozakura Quartet: Hana No Uta (Remake)
I cannot actually remember how I started watching this Anime. But I remember finding this Anime odd. But I still watched it all.

Quartet Of Cherry Blossoms In The Night

Hiizumi Akina x Yarisakura Hime


~~ 07 Ghost
Teito Seiyuu = Awesome. The anime is good so definitely have to go and watch it.

Klein Teito & Frau

~~ Canaan
Main characters are voiced by Sawashiro Miyuki and Sakamoto Maaya!!

Canaan & Alphard

~~ Hanasakeru Seishounen
Reverse Harem Anime.
Hanasakeru Seishounen

~~ Hetalia Axis Powers (Season 1)
      Hetalia World Series (Season 2)
      Hetalia The Beautiful World (Season 3)
      Hetalia Axis Powers Movie: Paint it, White! (Movie)
Each episode is only 5 minutes long but it is good to watch. 


~~ Kimi Ni Todoke
      Kimi Ni Todoke Second Season (Season 2)
      Kimi Ni Todoke Second Season: Kataomoi (Special)
Shoujo Romance! It's sweet

Kimi Ni Todoke

~~ Kurokami (Black God)


~~ Pandora Hearts (Season 1)
      Pandora Hearts Specials (Specials)
I first started watching this because the Seiyuus cast and it started off amazingly well. But then the ending was disappointing. So I read the manga and its still ongoing, I think its going downhill a little.

Break & Oz & Gilbert & Vincent

~~ Phantom: Requiem For The Phantom
      Phantom: The Animation (Ova)


~~ Sengoku Basara
      Sengoku Basara 2 (Sequel)
      Sengoku Basara: The Last Party (Movie)
      Sengoku Basara: Judge End
Funny anime. With exaggerated fight scenes

Sengoku Basara

~~ Senjou No Valkyria: Gallian Chronicles
      Senjou No Valkyria 3: Tagatame No Juusou (Ova)
I liked this anime

Battlefield Valkyria: Gallian Chronicles

~~ Tegami Bachi (Season 1)
      Tegami Bachi Reverse (Season 2)
      Tegami Bachi Gakuen (Specials)
This didn't appeal to me at first, it looked a bit childish. But i gave it a try and it was so good! The "monsters" / "Gaichuus were a bit getting used to but i still really like the anime overall.

Letter Bee

Seeing Lag

~~ Yumeiro Patissiere (Season 1)
      Yumeiro Patissiere: Mune Kyun Tropical Island (Side Story)
      Yumeiro Patissiere SP Professional  (Season 2) 
It might look childish, but i really do like this Anime. The caaaaaakes!! 

Kashino x Amano

~~ Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
      Goku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (Prequel/Ova)
      Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Bangaichi (Sequel/Ova)
The style and art have to take a while to get used to but it is actually quite good

Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei


~~ Bakuman (Season 1)
      Bakuman 2 (Season 2)
      Bakuman 3 (Season 3)
This anime is actually quite good. Their friendship, hardworking to achieve their goals and its funny too.


~~ Durarara!! (Season 1)
      Durarara!! Ep12.5 & 25 (Specials)
      Durarara!! x2 Shou (Season 2 - Part 1)
      Durarara!!x2 Ten (Season 2- Part 2)
I really like how the different situations unravelled and connected with one another. Its a really good different anime. And there is actually the same styled chatroom online that is like the one that the anime uses. Durarara x2 Shou is still quite good to watch.

Trailer for Durarara!!

~~ Gakuen Mokushiroku
      Gakuen Mokushiroku: Drifters Of The Dead (Ova)
(Rated Mature)
Hahaha, Has lots of sexual scenes, but the story is still good

High School Of The Dead

~~ GoSick
I actually liked this anime. It is good

Victorique de Blois x Kazuya Kujou

~~ Hakuouki: Shinsengumi Kitan (Season 1)
      Hakuouki Hekketsuroku (Sequel)
      Hakuouki Sekkaroku (Side Story/OVA)
      Hakuouki Reimeiroku (Prequel)
      Hakuouki: Kyoto Ranbu (Movie 1)
One girl, lots of Bishounen. . . Kyaa! lol. Really liked this anime!

Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan

Hakuouki Hekketsuroku

~~ Kaichou Wa Maid Sama
This anime is really really good. Romantic/comedy! have to watch! Similar to Special A. (But i prefer this one a bit more :P )
Kaichou Wa Maid Sama

Usui Takumi x Ayuzawa Misaki

~~ Nurarihyon No Mago (Season 1)
      Nurahiyon No Mago: Sennen Makyou (Sequel)
      Nurahiyon No Mago: Jump Super Anime Tour (Special)

Nura Rise Of The Yokai Clan

~~ Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou No Shichinin
Quite a good anime that shows the hardships of what the group goes through and friendships that are made.


~~ Shinrei Tantei Yakumo
Aka: Psychic Detective Yakumo. Mostly liked the seiyuu for the main character but it was an ok anime, the ending was a bit disappointing


~~ Soredemo Machi Wa Mawatteiru

Soredemo Machi Wa Mawatteiru

~~ Star Driver: Kagayaki No Takuto
I only watched this because the two main characters were voiced by Miyano Mamoru and Fukuyama Jun!!!! There was some cheesy moments in this but it's actually ok to watch.

Star Driver

~~ Uragiri Wa Boku No Namae Wo Shitteiru
(Contains Shounen Ai)
Open ending! but I really liked this anime!!! Amazing Seiyuu cast!

Touko, Tsukumo, Luka, Yuki

Zess Crosszeria (Luka)

~~ Working!! (Season 1)
      Working ' !! (Sequel)
I actually quite like this Anime. Its a Slice of Life Anime.


Todoroki Yachiyo x Satou Jun


~~ Ao No Exorcist
      Ao No Exorcist: Kuro No Iede (Special)
      Ao No Exorcist Movie (Movie)
Definitely recommended, good shounen genre.

Ao No Futsumashi

~~ Beelzebub
Open ending again, i haven't read the manga but i think it is still ongoing. It is a good anime and the seiyuu for Oga is the same person who does Tsuruga Ren from Skip Beat!


~~ Chihayafuru (Season 1)
      Chihayafuru 2 (Season 2)
      Chihayafuru 2: Waga Mi Yo Ni Furu Nagame Seshi Ma Ni (Ova)
This anime makes the card game look so much fun. Really tense moments and cliff-hangers at the end of some episodes. The seiyuus are amazing as well as the characters! A must watch. Still can't decide on the love-triangle though.

Arata, Chihaya, Taichi

Wataya Arata
Mashima Taichi


Chihayafuru season 1: Opening Credits

~~ Deadman Wonderland
I actually watched this because Paku Romi was the Seiyuu for Ganta. But I found this quite good and started reading the manga afterwards

Deadman Wonderland

~~ Guilty Crown
      Hmm, many people either loved this anime or hated it with a passion. I actually found it ok to watch.

Ouma Shu x Yuzuriha Inori

~~ Mirai Nikki
      Mirai Nikki Redial (Ova) 
(Rated Mature)
I read the manga first and it was really good, so then watched the anime and an equally good psychological thriller

Mirai Nikki

Gasai Yuno x Amano Yukiteru

Akise Aru

~~ No.6
(Contains a little Shounen Ai)
I really liked this anime! Again the seiyuus and characters are good. but i don't think its everybodys cup of tea.

Nezumi & Sion
Chibi Nezumi & Sion

~~ Phi Brain: Kami No Puzzle (Season 1)
      Phi Brain: Kami No Puzzle 2 (Season 2)
      Phi Brain: Kami No Puzzle 3 (Season 3)
It's not one of the best animes out there, but i found it good to watch.

Puzzle Of God

~~ Sekaiichi Hatsukoi (Season 1)
      Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi S2 (Season 2)
      Sekaiichi Hatsukoi Ova (2 Ovas)
      Junjou Romantica 1,2,3 (Spin-off)
(Contains Shounen Ai and Rated Mature)
The Seiyuu for Masamune is aslo Ren(Skip Beat) !! If you don't mind Shounen Ai then it is a good anime to watch with romance. I like Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi over Junjou Romantica ^____^

Onodera Ritsu x Takano Masamune

Trailer for Sekaiichi Hatsukoi Season 1:

~~ Un Go 
      Un Go: Episode 0 Inga Ron (Movie/ Prequel)
      Un Go: Inga Nikki (Specials)
It is ok to watch. Got a bit strange at some parts.

Yuuki Shinjuurou & Inga

~~ Uta No Prince Sama: Maji Love 1000% (Season 1)
      Uta No Prince Sama: Maji Love 2000% (Season 2)
      Uta No Prince Sama: Maji Love Revolutions (Season 3)
For seasons 1 and 2, Really liked the songs in this anime. The thing that bothered me was the main girls' eyes as it looks a bit strange. :-/ Cheesy, fun, reverse harem anime!!
Season 3 Pending...

Uta No Prince Sama


~~Arcana Famiglia
Reverse Harem Anime! It is ok to watch, just a little disappointed because I was expecting lots of kool fighting scenes but they just jam-packed it all in the ending. But the seiyuu cast is good.
La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia

~~ Area No Kishi
An anime about football. It is funny at some parts and good to watch.

Enoshima High FC

~~ Brave 10
One girl surrounded by loads of bishounen, whats not to like? lol 

Brave 10

~~ Btooom
(Rated Mature)
A really good anime. :-) A survival game genre.


~~ Code Breaker
I found this anime ok. The ending was not too bad. But then, I read the manga for this. If you don't mind super powers then give this a shot to watch. 

Code Breaker

~~ Corpse Party: Missing Footage (Ova)
      Corpse Party: Tortured Souls (Ova)
Just watched this because it was a horror, it is quite gorey...

Corpse Party

~~ Hanayaki Nari, Waga Ichizoku: Kinetograph
Only two episodes of this. I was a little disappointed in this. But the bishies were nice and there was a little funny scene but that's about it. The ending... open ending.


~~ Hiiro No Kakera (Season 1)
      Hiiro No Kakera Dai No Shou (Season 2)
      Hiiro No Kakera Taizen: Totsugeki! Tonari No Ikemenzu (Ova)
A Reverse Harem Anime!! It was ok.

Scarlet Fragment

~~ Inu x Boku Secret Service
      Inu x Boku SS Special (Special)
It is a sweet anime

Youko x Boku SS

~~ Jormungand
      Jormungand: Perfect Order (Sequel)


~~ [K]
K - Return Of Kings
K-Project, Missing Kings (Movie)
The seiyuus were Amazing!! and the anime is awesome and a sad ending for season 1!!! 


~~ Kamisama Hajimemashita
      Kamisama Hajimemashita 2 (Season 2)
Such a pleasant anime!! So cute and funny :-) Second season is still good and sweet as well.

Tomoe x Nanami

~~ Kingdom (Season 1)
      Kingdom 2 (Season 2)
Wow, the art and style it is animated in is really hard to get used to. The very first few episodes of Kingdom was really bad, all the movements were really stiff. It does get a little better though. Personally, I didn't like it. The ending of season 1 was an open ending for season 2.


~~ Kuroko No Basket (Season 1)
      Kuroko No Basket 2 (Season 2)
      Kuroko No Basket 3 (Season 3)
      Kuroko No Basket: NG-Shuu (Specials)
      Kuroko No Basket: Tip Off (Ova)
An awesome anime Season 1. Open ending but it has made me start reading the manga :-) Season 2 ends with them still being in the middle of a tournament and season 3 was the finals but still really exciting to watch! This anime is goooood!!! ^____^

Kuroko Basketball (Seirin High School)

~~ Magi: The Labyrinth Of Magic (Season 1)
      Magi: The Kingdom Of Magic (Season 2)
I really wanted to like this but I got bored with some parts to it. The ending was a concluded ending and is good but it never got me hooked. I don't dislike it but don't love it either. :-/


~~ Natsuyuki Rendezvous
This anime was ok. I found it bitter-sweet to watch because I did not know who I wanted the main female character to choose.

Ryousuke & Rokka & Atsushi

~~ Psycho - Pass
      Psycho-Pass extended edition
      Psycho Pass 2 (Sequel)
      Psycho Pass Movie
(Rated Mature)
This anime is brilliant! Some parts does have brutal scenes but if you don't mind watching it then it is recommended !! I wouldn't recommend watching the extended version if you have just finished the anime as the extended version is more like a re-cap of the anime. Psycho Pass 2 was a little disappointing but it wasn't too bad. The movie was not too bad as well.


~~ Robotic; Notes
Loved it! There was a twist in it that I would never have guessed! Some sad moments and funny moments too. I liked the ending too.

Robotic; Notes

~~ Sakamichi No Apollon
Started watching this because of the seiyuu cast but I found this boring.

Sakamichi No Apollon

~~ Sakura Taisen: Kanadegumi
1 episode long. OVA

Sakura Taisen 

~~ Shinsekai Yori

Shin Sekai Yori

~~ Shirokuma Cafe
The seiyuu cast in this sounds good but it is a bit random. It is slow-paced but it does have it's own charm for a relaxing anime.

Shirokuma Cafe

~~ Sukitte Ii na yo
Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Yamatos voice. >.< Anyway, the anime was ok for a romance and ended nicely.

Yamato x Mei

~~ Sword Art Online
      Sword Art Online II: Phantom Bullet (Sequel)
      Sword Art Online: Extra Edition (Special)
There is a novel for this Anime. Season one of this anime is amazing and the art is so pretty! Season two... feels like the story plot has gone downhill and didn't feel as exciting. The story towards the end did get better and finished okay. 
Asuna x Kirito

~~ Tonari No Kaibutsu-kun
This anime was funny. Really enjoyed it.

Shizuku x Haru

~~ Zetman
The first few episodes started off ok but as I watched more I didn't seem to like it as much. Yes it had superheroes and the baddies but I personally didn't enjoy this. The ending didn't seem like it ended either.


~~ Zetsuen No Tempest
Couldn't get through this anime :-( Found it confusing and a little boring even though the art and the seiyuu is good.

Yoshino & Mahiro


~~ Amnesia
I found it a bit confusing. But it was not too bad. Plus reverse Harem!! So all is well. Tee Hee.

~~ Arata Kangatari

Arata Kangatari

~~ Blazblue: Alter Memory


~~ Blood Lad
Funny and random episodes, the ending was abrupt though. But it was overall good.

Blood Lad

~~ Brothers' Conflict
It was ok. Lots of kissing scenes. The ending was an open ending. 

Brothers Conflict

~~ Cuticle Tantei Inaba
Gag anime. Lol moments!!! So funny and random!! The ending was random just like the whole of the anime but good.

Cuticle Tantei Inaba

~~ Dangan Ronpa: The Animation
A really good anime to watch. The ending was ok and left opened with a possibility of continuing.

Dangan Ronpa

~~ Dansai Burnri No Crime Edge
Another Ok anime, the ending doesn't seem concluded.

Haimura Kiri & Mushanokouji Iwai 

~~ Diabolik Lovers
      Diabolik Lovers; More Blood (Season 2)
The artwork is so pretty! But the story itself is not that great. I guess the ending is not bad. Feels like a games ending with all the routes shown.

Diabolik Lovers

~~ Free!
Such a good anime. Bishies!!! So funny at parts! and the ending was good.

~~ Gatchaman Crowds

Gatchaman Crowds

~~ Hakkenden
Couldn't get through this anime but I might give it another try one day.


~~ Hataraku Maou-Sama
Lol, Funny anime!! I actually liked this even though the synopsis sounds a bit strange. The ending is sweet too.

The Devil is a Part-Timer

~~ Inu to Hasami Wa Tsukaiyou
As much as I liked the Seiyuu for the main characters, I just couldn't bring myself to like this anime. If you are really bored and want to watch random comedy-ish then this would be the anime to watch. The ending was also bad.

Dog and Scissors

~~ Kamisama No Inai Nichiyoubi
A really good anime. Art was really nice and emotional scenes. The ending was a bit confusing. But overall nice.

Kamisama No Inai Nichiyoubi

~~ Karneval
An anime with Bishies! Some funny moments. Overall good to watch. The ending was not bad.


~~ Kimi No Iru Machi

Kimi No Iru Machi

~~ Log Horizon

Log Horizon

~~ Makai Ouji: Devils And Realists
The artwork was good, *cough* Hinted shounen-ai moments *cough* lol. A bit repetitive and the ending was a bit lacking. So over-all, wasn't too bad.

Makai Ouji: Devils And Realists

~~ Maoyuu Maou Yuusha
This was an ok anime. Quite funny at parts.

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

~~ Meganebu!
Thoroughly disappointed with this anime!!! :-(


~~ Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?
Ehh.. It's ok I guess. Didn't particularly like or hate this.

Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?

~~ Nagi No Asukara
Nagi No Asukara

~~ RDG: Red Data Girl
Red Data Girl

~~ Shingeki No Kyojin
     Shingeki No Kyojin Second Season
AKA: Attack On Titan. A totally awesome anime! Had me at the edge of my seat at some parts and got some surprises at parts too. Lots of action, emotion and seiyuu are all good. The ending was left like a possibility for a second season but still overall a really kool anime.
Edit: The second season is still really good to watch! There are so many unanswered questions!

Shingeki No Kyojin

~~ Suisei No Gargantia
The artwork is so nice that I started watching this anime but the more I watched it, I became bored of it. I wanted to like this anime but I guess it was not for me because I didn't like it. The ending at least ended ok. :-/

Suisei No Gargantia

~~ Uchouten Kazoku

Uchouten Kazoku

~~ Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!
A good anime to watch. The ending was good as well.

Kuroki Tomoko

~~ Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Comedy Wa Machigatteiru
AKA: Oregairu
I was so surprised by this anime! It is really good to watch!! No annoying characters and the main guy character is an outcast but so different to the typical romantic/comedy genres! The ending was nice as well.



~~ Akatsuki No Yona
Really good anime, such sad scenes as well as funny moments too. Highly recommended cause you will be rooting for the main character before you know it. Also reverse harem anime! Hope there will be a next season.

Akatsuki No Yona

~~ Ao Haru Ride
This is quite a sweet anime. The story and art is good. I really liked this. 

Blue Spring Ride

~~ Bonjour Koiaji Patisserie
Reverse Harem!! Very short episodes (not even 5 minutes long), guess it's an okay way to pass time if you are bored. Nothing special about this anime... 

Bonjour Koiaji Patisserie

~~ Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki Kun
AKA: Monthly Girls' Nozaki Kun
This is nice anime to watch, it is somewhat like a reverse harem.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki Kun

~~ JoJos Bizarre Adventure 2012 (Prequel)
     JoJos Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders (Sequel)
     JoJos Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders Season 2 (Sequel 2)
     JoJo Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable

I watched Stardust crusaders first because I was recommended (forced) to watch this >_< Lol. But this was actually quite good to watch. So then I decided to watch the 2012 anime and I actually really liked it. Did not think it would be my cup of tea at all but strangely I like this... >__< It is actually quite violent and gruesome in some scenes.

Jojos Bizarre Adventure

~~ Kamigami No Asobi
Reverse Harem Anime!! But it was so hard to watch this... 

Kamigami No Asobi

~~ No Game No Life
There are some Jojo references in this anime xD coincidence that I started watching Jojo to notice it in this anime. The ending just stops halfway so seems like there will be a second season maybe. It was actually not bad to watch though.

No Game No Life

~~ Noragami
      Noragami (Ova1 & 2)
Wow, this anime was surprisingly good. Great Seiyuu casts. It is light-hearted but serious too. A nice ending too.


~~ Ookami Shoujo To Kuro Ouji

Ookami Shoujo To Kuro Ouji 

~~ Pupa
Seriously not good. I would not recommend watching this.


~~ Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso
Yip, I am going to start watching this because of the music!

Shigasu Wa Kimi No Uso

~~ Strike The Blood
Started watching this because the main guy character is voiced by Hosoya Yoshimasa!!I think his voice is the only reason I watched til the end...

Strike The Blood

~~ Terra Formars Bugs2 2599 (Ova)
      Terra Formars
The Ova Seems ok to watch. Again it seems to be quite violent at certain parts. The picture below doesn't seem to be that appealing but watching the anime ova the art seems ok. Will watch the anime later.

Terrar Formars

~~ Tokyo Ghoul
      Tokyo Ghoul /A (season 2)
      Tokyo Ghoul Jack (spin-off)
      Tokyo Ghoul Pinto (spin-off)
I have no idea how this anime is so popular, not a big fan of the main character and the story doesn't seem to appeal to me that much. 

Tokyo Ghoul


~~ Akagami No Shirayuki-hime
     Akagami No Shirayuki-hime Season 2
AKA: Snow White With The Red Hair
This anime is so sweet! The two main characters are direct with one another with their relationship and the main girl is not weak but she sometimes have to get saved by her prince!! 

Zen x Shirayuki

~~Aoharu x Kikanjuu
It was an okay anime series to watch. Just felt a bit lacking when it came to the story. 

Aoharu x Machine gun

~~ One Punch Man
This anime is actually really good. Its quite funny and sad in some scenes.

One Punch Man

~~Owari No Seraph
Finally got round to watching this. Not too bad an anime about Vampires. The main character did seem a bit over powered though but it was not too bad to watch.

Seraph Of The End

~~ Prison School
(Should be rated Mature- lots of fan service...)
This was actually not too bad to watch, yes there is a lot of fan service but it was quite funny to watch.

Kangoku  No Gakuen
~~Shokugeki No Soma
     Shokugeki No Soma: Ni No Sara (Second Season)
     Shokugeki No Soma: San No Sara (Third Season)
     Shokugeki No Soma: San No Sara, Toutsuki Ressha Hen (Third Season Part 2)
AKA: Food Wars
I really like this anime even though some of the scenes are totally exaggerated and sexual. Some of the foods in it does look so delicious and some scenes are funny! Definitely would find your own favourite character in this and root for them!

Shokugeki No Soma

~~ Ushio To Tora (2015)
I remember watching the alternate version of this anime but this version has more episodes. I like this anime, it is quite funny to watch as well as quite emotional.

Ushio and Tora


~~ Beserk (2016)
      Beserk Second Season
This anime is so good! The art style does take a little bit of getting used to but it is really worth watching! The second season was still really good to watch!

Casca & Guts

~~ Boku No Hero Academia
      Boku No Hero Academia Season 2

      Boku No Hero Academia Season 3
AKA: My Hero Academia
I enjoyed watching this. Some of the scenes were similar to naruto but it is still good. Definitely worth watching as it ends in cliffhangers!

Boku No Hero Academia

~~ Joker Game
Hot Bishies, what's not to like!?

~~Mahoutsukai No Yome
A bit random but it was not too bad to watch.

The Ancient Magus Bride

~~ Magic-Kyun! Renaissance
Reverse Harem and the main girl isn't always needing saved ! It was not too bad to watch compared to the other reverse harem animes that I have seen before. 


~~Mob Psycho 100
It took me a few episodes until I got into this anime, but after the first few episodes I realized that I could not stop watching and that it had a JoJo reference in one or two of the episodes! I think it referenced other animes as well but I am not 100% sure about that so will just leave it as that. The art isn't what I am usually used to but it is still good. 

Mob Psycho 100


~~ Quanzhi Gaoshou
AKA: The Kings' Avatar
It is not a bad anime to watch, just felt as if the main character teams were overpowering, the fight scenes probably could have been more exciting. There were some funny scene in it.

The Kings' Avatar

~~ Juni Taisen
AKA: Zodiac Wars
A fight to the death anime. Its not too bad to watch. 

Juni Taisen

~~ Sengoku Night Blood
Reverse Harem, one of the rare ones that I do not feel like screaming at the main girl for being quite frail ! She actually tries her best to help and I actually root for her! Could not stop watching this and actually watched it all at once. The last episode is a bit debatable but overall I loved this! 

Sengoku Night Blood


~~ A.I.C.O Incarnation
It is okay to watch but nothing really gripping that makes me want to keep watching it. 


~~ Sanrio Danshi
Was not really expecting much from this anime. I only watched it because of Sanrio of course. But it actually turned out to be quite good! I actually liked this anime! 

Sanrio Boys

Anime Movies:

~~ Aura: Maryuuinkouga Saigo No Tatakai


~~ Eden Of The East
I thought there would be more romance in this film. But there was not, so i was a bit disappointed in this.

Higashi No Eden

~~ Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Have to watch!!


~~ Fuse Teppou No Musume No Torimonochou
Confused a bit about this movie and the ending was not that great


~~ Hal
Haru x Kurumi

~~ Heart No Kuni No Alice
This is sooo good! The Seiyuu Casts sounds amazing! Confusing though, if I didn't read the Manga first. lol. The Movie can be found here:
Watch Heart No Kuni No Alice Movie!

Heart No Kuni No Alice

~~ Hoshi Wo Ou Kodomo
Movie was ok, the ending was a bit disappointed but there were some sad scenes in the movie.

Children Who Chase Lost Voices

~~ Hotarubi No Mori e
Such a sweet movie!! The ending is a sad one! But still really good to watch.

Hotarubi No Mori e

~~ Ibara No Ou
The movie was not too bad, some parts felt a bit rushed. Has a little gore in it...

King Of Thorn

~~ Loups=garous
Couldn't get though this movie...


~~ Neppu Kairiku Bushi Road
The art was nice and some romance scenes but other than that it was an ok movie

Neppu Kairiku Bushi Road

~~ Nerawareta Gakuen
Such stunning visual scenes! It is good, but just a little confusing.

Nerawareta Gakuen

~~ Ookami Kodomo No Ame To Yuki
A sweet and a little bit emotional movie that goes at its own pace. The ending was ok.


~~ Spirited Away
Have to watch this! It is so sweet.

Spirited Away

~~ Howls Moving Castle
One of my favourite movie by Hayao Miyazaki.

Howls Moving Castle

~~ Sword Of The Stranger
This anime movie was really good. I liked it. Action scenes were good.

Sword Of The Stranger


I found some animes to be quite similar to each other which is goood because if I liked one then I definitely liked the other. But then again maybe its only me that found the following similar *laughs* ~:

Kaichou Wa Maid Sama and Special A 

Kaichou Wa Maid Sama & Special A

Vampire Knight and Uragiri Wa Boku No Namae Shitteiru 

Vampire Knight & Uragiri

Vampire Knight and Hatenkou Yuugi

Vampire Knight & Hatenkou Yuugi

Gakuen Alice and Yumeiro Patissiere

Gakuen Alice & Yumeiro Patissiere

Starry Sky and Uta No Prince Sama: Maji Love 1000%

Starry Sky & Uta No Prince

Hatenkou Yuugi (Dazzle) and Hakushaku To Yousei

Hatenkou Yuugi & Hakushaku To Yousei

Kuroshitsuji and Pandora Hearts

Kuroshitsuji & Pandora Hearts

Toshokan Sensou and Senjou No Valkyria: Gallian Chronicles

Toshokan Sensou & Senjou No Valkyria

Death Note and Code Geass

Death Note & Code Geass

Durarara and [K] Project

Durarara & [K]


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