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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Kubera: One Last God Random Pics

Definitely recommend to go read Kubera!! The authors' story is amazing! Plus the artwork is totally amazing! *Thumbs Up!!* :-D

*Contains spoiler - ish images below if you haven't read it yet*

Agni (Aka: Babo Kim)

Some Bishies!! Read Kubera to see more!

Younger Asha (Looks like a Boy but is a Girl!)

Asha and Leez

Yuta <3 <3

I find this scene so cute!! >.< 
Leny & Shess

A glimpse at a possible Yuta's grown form. So Hawt. >.<



Oh Ran,  You saying "Hot" from the spilled Coffee or is it directed at Leez? hee hee hee. :-D
Ran & Leez

~~ Ahh, how is Yuta going to react when he sees Leez now. Or when Leez sees Yuta all grown up ~~
>.< !!
And aww Yuta!! You are sooo adorable!!!!! He sees Leez grown up!

Yuta >.<
Yuta! You are so Kind, letting Leez beat him in points so that she would still think he is weak and continue to take care/protect him. >.<

Omg! Cuute. Just Wanna HUG him here!

Aww Leez! Just wanna hug her here too!!

Leez. Wanna Hug Her !!

Yey!! He makes an appearance again!!! *Excited !*


Gandharva & Teo! ! ! >.<

Luckily Yuta doesn't see this scene. But OMGz!!!!!!!! >.<

OMGz!!!!! *Heart stops*

Such funny moments too <3

<3 Yuta & Ran moment hahah <3

Original: Kubera
Voice Drama:

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