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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Random: Fiction Blurbs.

:-( I am a total noob at writing but these were in my head so I thought to write it down. Ha ha ha. There's probably already stories/quotes that are like this out there already. :-P

Blurb1: Hmm... Maybe a Samurai says this? Mistake from making a right decision in not to execute innocent people but his orders were made.
Countless times, I have made mistakes that cannot be repaired.
I blame myself.
I should have learned when to stop. Learned from my mistakes.
But I could not stop. 
I dwell on the past to try to see my mistakes and cannot move forward.
I promised myself that I would not make myself go through that anymore.
But now, I have no choice but to break my own promise.
How do you expect me to keep my promise to you?

Blurb2: Angel of Life controls the birth of people. Angel of Death controls the death of people.
            Everytime someone is born/dies. The opposite Angel will experience pain. But have to try and keep          things in balance.
Angel of Life to Angel of death:
I feel pain when there has been a death, you feel pain when there is new life.
How can you expect me to stop what I do when you, yourself do not stop.
I wish there was a simple solution to solve our problems.
I wish I can see the path in which we both can walk down together.
I realize now, there is no such thing.
We complete each other. yet we also destroy one another.
All I can say is thank you. And sorry...
Sorry for falling in Love with you.

Haha, The wings looks so bad. T.T So different from the image I had in my head

Blurb3: Academy student reflecting. (Lol before I knew it, it kinda looks like a tree!) A tree is symbolic for a lot of things but I like the meaning; Trees have traditionally been planted in many cultures in honor of an accomplishment or an important rite of passage such as a graduation, wedding, retirement or the birth of a child. This tradition is also appropriate for honoring the life of a loved one at the loved one's passing.

What am I doing?
How am I like this?
Everyone else has already passed. 
Whereas I am the only one that has failed.
[I feel lost]
The people around me gives me hollow words of comfort.
I am disappointed in myself.

Note to myself. [So, even if you feel like described as above, really try not to be too depressed. I'm sure new opportunities will arise, even you can't see it right now. You just have to go out and find it sometimes.]

Blurb4: Random

How can I stay positive when others strives to put me down?
How can I change when others prevent me from doing so?
How can I achieve my goals when others have blocked me?
I never said it was easy.
There is never a simple solution.
All I can say is:
Believe in yourself.

Blurb5: Random

I apologise for disappointing you, but it is not your life that is ruined.
I thank you for your faith in me, but I cannot change what is done.
I regret not meeting your expectations, but you have to believe it was not deliberate.
I hope you will trust me one more, but I will understand if you don't. 

Blurb6: Random Quote

Without Imperfection there can be no Perfection

Blurb7: Random

You find happiness in other peoples misfortune.
And blame others for your own misfortune.
Don't you realise that way of thinking is the problem itself?

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