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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Anime: Yami Shibai / Yami Shibai 2

Hmmmmm. Should I watch this anime: Yami Shibai... Japanese Ghost Stories. So this sounds scary... I do like scary stuff, but then I do get scared easily. Ha ha ha...
Watch Here >>> Yami Shibai

EDIT: Ok, Just watched episode 1. I'm a bit creeped out. But it is ok. I will continue watching! Eep.
Episode 2: Phewww, got through episode 2 !!! Very creepy and a bit confusing. But onto Ep 3!!
Episode 3: Phewww, Ep 3 is OK..! :-)
Episode 4: OMG!!! I'm scared *cries* totally creeped out, Long black hair is scary!!!! Not looking forward to next episode.
Episode 5: I quite surprised that I am still brave enough to watch this alone! Elevators are now... creepy!
Episode 6: Phew, I thought since the setting was on a train it would be really scary. But this one turned out to be not so scary. Still good though.
Episode 7: Eeep! Not as scary as the first few episodes, but still not bad.
Episode 8: Don't open the dooooor!!!
Episode 9: Eeek, having things attached or cursed is always scary.
Episode 10: Urghhh, expected what was going to creep out the toilet but still Creeepy!!!
Episode 11: The title Video. Urghhh. Creeps me out so much!!!!
Episode 12: ... Don't make promises that you are going to break. Creepy Shadow. T.T
Episode 13: Wow... Can't believe this was the last episode of Yami Shibai. Some episodes were creepier than others but overall was good.

Defo ended up like Kyoko (Skip Beat), under bed covers!

Whaaaaaat? There's a second season of Yami Shibai??
Watch Here>>> Yami Shibai 2

And there is also an app for Yamishibai found in google play store too.

Anyway! Will be watching the second season and hopefully not get too creeped out.

Ep 1: If you don't like ventriloquism... wouldn't recommend you to watch this episode. But it's actually not as scary.
Ep 2: Not too scary for this episode either. Just a little fright at the eye...
Ep 3: A bit scary but can guess what happens in this ep.
Ep 4: A bit strange...
Ep 5: Got a fright from the jumpy bit but not too scary
Ep 6: Not creepy at all. Unexpected ending too!
Ep 7: It's a vicious cycle! Totally ok to watch and not get creeped out. :-)
Ep 8: O...k. That was a creepy episode. Got startled.
Ep 9: Beware of what you eat :-O
Ep10: The bugs are taking over!!
Ep11: Never lie about doing work that you didn't do.
Ep12: Oh...Kay... This episode I found to be quite creepy. That's why antique stuff are scary!
Ep13: errr... what...? :-S

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