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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Gakuen Alice

*Spoilerz below*

Chapter 177:
Natsume is Back!!!!!!!! >.< Only 3 more chapter until the end *sobs*

Natsume Hyuuga
Chapter 178:
Kyaaaaaaaaaa older version of Mikan and Natsume!!!!!!!!

Older Natsume X Mikan !!!! <3

Goshima! (Alice Of Metamorphosis) 

Hijiri Goshima

Chapter 179:
OMG! >.<  Natsume is so Hot!!!!! And Mikan is so Pretty!!! They are such a SWEET couple!!!!! My tears are welling up reading this!!

Natsume x Mikan !!! <3 

Uwaaah, Everyone has turned out so hot!

Chapter 180 [End]:
This Manga has been Awesome!!! And very Teary !!

They are re-united at long last!

~~ Natsume!!! ~~
Natsume Hyuuga <3

Natsume <3
Sweetest Couple Ever!!

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