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Friday, 5 April 2013

Uta No Prince Sama Season 2 !!!

Yey!! Season two is out!!! :-) Excited!!!

Maji Love 2000%
Episode 1:
Great opening ep to season two of Uta no prince :-) And LOL'd at usually cool Ichinose in the background !

Natsuki ! So funny!

Episode 2:
OMG! So cheeesy! Yet so funny. Had a big grin on my face the whole way through this ep!

Ah ha ha, Everyone is shocked at Cecil

Lol !!
Episode 3:

LOL ! Poor Syo >.<!! Gambatte!!
Episode 4:
Hahaha!! Tokiya is annoyed! Poor Masato! 

Masato & Tokiya
Episode 5:

Kawaii !!

Episode 7:

Lol @ Haruka !

Episode 9:
YEY! Cecil has joined the group!!! >.<

Starish !!
Episode 10:
Wow!!! The Scenery is so nice!!!!!!!!

Uta No Prince Sama

Episode 11:
OMG! Super *Fan-girl mode* Squeals!!  Ichinose = Hawt!!!!!!!!

*Nose bleeds~~~*

This episode was so cute.

Episode 12:
Kyaaaaaa!! >.<
Kurosaki Ranmaru

Their song was so good!!!
Group Heavens

Ono Daisuke is the Seiyuu of Sumeragi Kira!!!!

Episode 13:
Aww the last ep in Season 2. >.<
Cheesy all the way through to the end ! ! <3


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