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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Anime: Blood Lad

Ehhhh!? There is an Anime coming out for Blood Lad!!?? In July? ? :-O *Squeals* Excited!!!!

Blood Lad

Trailer Can be found here: Blood Lad

EDIT: Eng Sub for Blood Lad is out!!! It's out!!! Excited!!!!

Episode 1:

Charlie Staz Blood

Episode 4:
Sushi Rules!! Totally Agree!!

Episode 5:
Ehhhh!!! They can't just end the episode like that!!!!?? Noooo!! His powers seems awesomely strong!!

Episode 6:
Ahahahaha!! Awesomely strong powers = DBZ type ! So funny!!! 

Staz attempt at Kame Hame Ha !!! LMAO!!

Lmao at Fuyumi reaction to seeing the attempt move from Staz !!

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