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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Kuroko No Baske Season 2 Trailer and Ova

Kuroko No baske Season 2 Trailer is out! Looks so good! Can't wait!! Can be found here:
>>>>>Kuroko No Basket Season 2 Trailer
Season 2 will be broadcast in October 2013 in Japan! Look forward to it!!

Kuroko No Basket

[Episode 22.5] Ova. This is a prequel to the main Kuroko No Basket story when Kuroko was still in the Generation of Miracles.
Opening Theme by Granrodeo " Rimfire" (Also sang opening themes for Karneval and Code Breaker, etc)
Ending Theme by Oldcodex "Catal Rhythm"
Watch Here >>> Kuroko No Baske

Kuroko No Baske

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