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Monday, 26 August 2013

Manga/Anime By Clamp

*Warning to the people who doesn't like Shounen-Ai *

I didn't even realise that Clamp has quite a lot of BL pairings or at least hints at them.  

Touya & Yukito

Kamui & Subaru

Fai & Kurogane

Watanuki & Doumeki

Fuuma & Kamui

Seishiro & Subaru

Other Anime/Mangas that hints at BL or are just a good pair lol.

Izaya & Shizuo

Shion & Nezumi

Ciel & Sebastian

Zero & Kaname

Kougami & Makishima


Onodera & Masamune

Hotsuma & Shusei

Undecided on Gareki's pairing! >.<

K Project

And lots more!!

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